Update your Employee's Profile Easily

Errors in filling in employee data are common in employee data management. Now, employees can change their profile independently through the GreatDay HR app!

Add your Employee's Achievements

When all our hard work pays off, it’s natural to feel happy about it. With GreatDay HR, you can show appreciation of your employee’s accomplishments by adding their achievements to their profile.

Small gestures like this can boost employee morale and can even enhance their productivity.

Directly Connected to Personal Social Media Accounts

The digital age allows everyone to build more connections and be open across multiple social media platforms.

With GreatDay HR, you can boost your popularity as your colleagues can easily follow you on social media by clicking on the social media links in your employee profile page.

Automatically Schedule Important Moments

Employee birthdays, contract periods, and important announcements from employees will be automatically organized into an event and scheduled directly in the employee database as a reminder.

Complete Profile Information

With GreatDay HR, your employee profile contains all information about the employee.

Ranging from their positions to their achievements and all the way to the number of posts and followers they have within the company.

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