Employee Shift & Scheduling Software

Create and Manage Employee Shift Scheduling

GreatDay HR supports individualized shift scheduling. Employee shift schedules can be created and managed easily & effectively in GreatDay HR. 

As an integrated all in one system, the shift schedule works perfectly with the attendance module as well as the payroll module. It saves your time and work!

Request Shift Changes

Employees can request to change their shift easily with just a few clicks when required, no matter which time zone and geographical location. A notification will be sent to supervisors instantly for approval. This also allows site managers and employees to rearrange shift and schedules for smooth operation and workforce optimization.

24/7 Shift Scheduling and Attendance

GreatDay HR allows employees to clock in and out anytime! This is to ensure 24-hour schedule is supported and there is no limitation of hours.

Adjustable and Flexible Shift Scheduling

GreatDay HR allows shift and task scheduling to change with just a click due to the change of circumstances and conditions.

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