Online Attendance System to Manage your Employees

attendance take a selfie

Check In Anytime Anywhere

Attendance has never been easier! Attendance can be done anytime and anywhere, just take a selfie and check in. GreatDay provides attandance detail information that will be linked with payroll calculation directly, which is seamless and all in one system.

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Geo Tagging

Equipped with Geo tagging (GPS) technology in every attendance sent, minimizing fraud that will occur in the recording process.

face recognation

Face Recognition

This feature is also equipped with “Face Recognition” technology which adds to the authenticity of employee absences.

Attendance List & Corrections

Easy access to attendance list data. if employee need adjustment or correction with attendance record, they can easily send the correction request. All the request will be sent wire the approval flow set by the user.

Leaves & Overtime Requests

GreatDay HR provides you with various kinds of leaves and overtime. All requests that have been sent will go through the approval process based on the company’s organizational structure.

Management Team Attendance Reports

GreatDay provides a visualization report regarding team attendance on the HR Feed in your GreatDay HR apps.

management attendance report
attendance report

Time Sheet

GreatDay HR timesheet is easy to use. You can make and send reports easily. Can also apply for different hourly rates easily. The timesheet report will be connected with the payroll module.

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More than hundreds of companies have experienced a digital HR transformation using GreatDay. Now it’s your turn!