Check In Anytime Anywhere

Signing in has never been easier! Sign in can be done anytime and anywhere. Just take a selfie and check in. GreatDay provides detailed information on attendance and is fully integrated with payroll management – a true seamless, all in one system.

Geo Tagging

GreatDayHR’s Geo Tagging (GPS) technology provides the employee’s location with every attendance report. Ensure error free reporting, accurate timesheet management and accurate customer billings when employees sign in and out.

Face Recognition

GreatDayHR provides “Face Recognition” which ensures instant verification of employees upon log in.

Attendance List & Corrections

GreatDayHR provides easy access to attendance lists for both employees and supervisors. Employees can quickly correct any input errors and receive instant feedback and approval.

Leave & Overtime Requests

Employees can request leave or seek approval to work overtime with a single click. The request is automatically sent to the appropriate supervisor for approval.

Management Team Attendance Reports

Just click on to your HR Feed for dashboard indicators regarding team attendance.

Time Sheet

GreatDayHR Timesheet provides the capacity to apply differential hourly pay rates, generate reports and automatically update payroll.

Free Trial 14 Days

More than one hundred companies have used GreatDayHR to engineer their digital transformation. Now it’s your turn!

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