Communication – the cornerstone of culture

Great organizations have strong cultures, and strong cultures require great communication. Talk to us about our internal social networking program – specifically designed to allow employees to communicate at work the same as they do with friends and family.

Chatting with coworkers

Equipped with chat features that make it easier for fellow employees to communicate at work, GreatDayHR also offers file sharing menus that allow employees to share files with a single click. GreatDayHR’s Chat function is secure, safe and suitable for all levels of communication.

Posting something Great today!

GreatDayHR’s internal social media allows employees to post their accomplishments when they want to tell the world. The ability to provide likes and comments adds excitement to internal reporting.

Polls and Surveys

GreatDayHR’s Polling feature allows you to seek opinions and test employee reaction to upcoming changes in strategy, production planning and new initiatives. In addition to being able to test drive new ideas, employees can achieve buy-in prior to launching new initiatives and determine those hot spot areas that will require additional attention.

Announcements and Notifications – as easy as texting

Update employees instantly regarding changes in policy, new directions and initiatives. Ensuring all employees are updated simultaneously enhances transparency, builds trust and provides opportunities to test support levels.

File sharing

To facilitate communication, we provide a File Sharing feature that makes it easy for users to share files with each other within the company.

Free Trial 14 Days

More than one hundred companies have used GreatDayHR to engineer their digital transformation. Now it’s your turn!

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