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Successful employees are the key to building a successful business. GreatDayHR sources a suite of best in class benefits that can be custom tailored to meet the needs of individual employee at no additional cost. Ask us how you can build your competitive edge with GreatDayHR Flexible Benefits.

Flexible Benefits

Using GreatDayHR’s dashboard employers can allocate a portion of their benefits budget to each employee. The dashboard allows employees to select those benefits which best meet their individual needs. Insurance products – life, health, and auto – education and professional development are just a few examples to consider. Using the dashboard feature employers can track those benefits each employee selects and ensure that costs remain within the total benefits budget.

GreatDayHR Protection

For employers who don’t currently offer a full suite of benefits, GreatDayHR can help. We have selected a group of trusted partners through which we source best in class insurance and banking products which can be passed through to employees at low to no cost.

GreatDay Smart Cash

Employees who require loans to meet short term needs or to finance major purchases can access credit at reasonable rates using GreatDay Smart Cash. Interest rates are monitored by OJK which ensures employees can get the financing subject to best attainable terms and conditions. GreatDay Smart Cash allows employers to offer unique benefits to their employees. A true win/win.

GreatDay Investment

GreatDayHR works with a range of investment dealers and advisors to offer investment products that can help employees reach their long-term financial goals. Investments can be made starting as low as Rp. 10,000. GreatDay Investment is yet one more innovative benefit employers can offer employees.

Our Benefit Partners

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