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Controlling HR expenses has till now been a laborious undertaking. GreatDayHR captures expenses at divisional and departmental levels and by activity. Expenditure roll ups and summary reports are available with a single click.

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Smart Wallet

Empower employees to manage their financial affairs. Smart Wallet helps employees budget recurring expenses, loan payments and contributions to their investment plans. Smart Wallet provides an up to date look at an employee’s financial position and tracks progress against their plan.

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Expense Management

GreatDay’s Budget Recap function allows managers to quickly assess expenditures against plan day by day. Budget Recap provides early indication of potential project cost overruns and signals where corrective action is needed.

Easy to integrate

GreatDayHR helps augment the functionality of existing systems. Our Open API architecture facilitates easy integration with existing systems and paves the way for data extracts which allow you to take advantage of the best of GreatDay’s features without having to change your systems of record.

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