Digital engagement – the key to employee engagement

Keeping employees who work anywhere and anytime is a daunting challenge!

GreatDay HR’s raison d’etre is to build avenues to enable employee engagement. We’ve paired innovative HR practices with user friendly digital technologies to provide an unbeatable combination. Let us help motivate and develop your modern-day employees.

Employees Live Social Media 24/7. Social media is the lifeblood of human interaction

GreatDayHR’s Internal Social Media is seized with ensuring employees have the capacity to communicate using the tools they best understand. Boost your employees productivity with our internal social media! Retain your best people by providing them a communication platform and help them create meaningful impact at work. By adapting social media behaviour and workflow, GreatDay HR encourages you to add a new cheery company culture, which allows your employees to share their work achievements.

Likes and Comments

All posts can be seen by all employees. Other employees can give their likes and also leave their comments

Gammification (awards)

Likes’ and shares provide important insight into what’s resonating with your employees. GreatDayHR’s points system rewards employees for their contribution to your social network.

Leave & Overtime Requests

Employees can request leave or seek approval to work overtime with a single click. The request is automatically sent to the appropriate supervisor for approval.

Management Team Attendance Reports

Just click on to your HR Feed for dashboard indicators regarding team attendance.

Time Sheet

GreatDayHR Timesheet provides the capacity to apply differential hourly pay rates, generate reports and automatically update payroll.

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More than one hundred companies have used GreatDayHR to engineer their digital transformation. Now it’s your turn!

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