HR Software to Manage your Employee’s Performance

Tracking Employee Performance Realtime

It is important for company to focus on employee effectiveness. Performance evaluation is not only yearly exercise, it all based on daily task completed and feedback.

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Easy assign task with attachment file

Not only supported by two-way communication, through this feature, the task sender able to send related files to the recipient for the successful completion of the task. This task is also marked by the level of priority determined by the sender.

manageperformance easy assign task
manageperformance assign task all

Assign task to all of employees

This task assignment feature not only can be done in the related department, but also in the other departments.

Give feedback after task finish

After the task is completed, there will be a notification received by the sender and the sender can provide input on the work that has been completed by the recipient of the assignment.

manageperformance activity recording

Activity Recording

For those of you who have mobile employees or employees who are accustomed to working in the field, we provide an activity recording feature. This feature allows companies to oversee the work of these employees. Equipped with photo and GPS features, employees can write down and capture all their activities in the field that can be seen by their superiors.

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