Tracking Employee Performance Realtime

The days of annual and semi-annual performance evaluations have come to an end. Conditions change daily and it’s important to provide instant feedback when necessary. Don’t miss the opportunity to make motivational comments improve performance by capturing teachable moments.

Prioritize and assign tasks with built in follow up

Take advantage of GreatDayHR’s file transfer systems to ensure employees have all the information they need to get started and provide ongoing updates.

Align tasks across departments

GreatDayHR facilitates multi-departmental co-ordination. Assemble project teams, launch new initiatives and manage progress no matter team members are situated.

Provide feedback when the task is finished

Employees want to know how well they’ve performed. Let them know when the project is signed off, provide feedback and capture essential information for upcoming projects.

Activity Recording

For those of you who have mobile employees or employees who are accustomed to working in the field, we provide an activity recording feature. This feature allows companies to oversee the work of these employees. Equipped with photo and GPS features supervisors are kept up to date as to where employees are located. Employees can log progress using pre-existing templates to provide an up to date picture for supervisors to monitor progress.

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