Processing Payroll has never been easier!

GreatDayHR integrates sign in, vacation accounting, overtime and payroll processing. Integrating all of these activities into GreatDayHR’s payroll processing ensures information is accurate and up to date – all day, every day.

Automatically Calculate Tax and Social Security with Assured Compliance Regardless of Jurisdiction

GreatDayHR automatically calculates tax and social security deductions for the following jurisdictions – Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine’s and Hong Kong ensuring TOX/SSO/EPM/MPF/CPF compliance. Changes to taxation and benefits legislation are updated automatically.

Mobile Payslip

Employee payslips are password protected and available electronically by simply signing in on the GreatDayHR app. Employees have access to their payroll information to confirm payment for work done, manage monthly payments and help with their financial planning. Talk about a morale booster!

Flexible Payroll Components

Payroll components such as fixed or variable deductions and allowances are as easy as clicking on to GreatDayHR. Components can be set up as one time or recurring transactions.

Flexible Payroll Cycle

Payroll cycles can be customized based on sector requirements to incorporate weekly or monthly payment cycles for any currency.

Free Trial 14 Days

More than one hundred companies have used GreatDayHR to engineer their digital transformation. Now it’s your turn!

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