Get Reports & Analytics in Real Time

Decision assist is at the heart of GreatDayHR. With a simple click you set the reports you wish to receive and the data analytics you require and receive your information in real time.

Show in HR Feed

All critical data is available in one place using HR Feed. You can track employee performance in real time. HR Feed highlights early warning indicators and improve employee effectiveness.

All employee reports in one place

Data on your entire workforce right down to the individual employee is available from the data warehouse. Simply identify the data you require and the reporting format and GreatDayHR responds in real time.

File and Report Downloads

Just use our report management template to define the data your require and the format that works best for you. Access GreatDayHR’s data warehouse to and set out the information you require. We’ll do the rest.

Faster for decision making

Company decisions affect the development of the company. The speed and accuracy of the reports make it easier for companies to make the right decisions.


“A picture is worth a thousand words”. We’re glad to work with you to convert your data to a graphical format.

Time Sheet

GreatDayHR Timesheet provides the capacity to apply differential hourly pay rates, generate reports and automatically update payroll.

Free Trial 14 Days

More than one hundred companies have used GreatDayHR to engineer their digital transformation. Now it’s your turn!

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