Employee’s Performance Report and Analysis

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We understand the importance of reports for your company. GreatDay provides various types of reports that help you make the right decision quickly, based on the correct data.

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Show in HR Feed

All your important data will show in HR Feed. You can also easily track the employee performance real time. This also helps you to quickly see the issues and take action.

All employee reports in one place

All reports related to employees in the company are stored in one place. You can choose the type of report, the period of report, and you can also download reports with various types of files.

Download with various file

GreatDay HR provides convenience way in downloading reports. It simplyfy the process of making a complete report collections for management. Thus, reports submitted clearly and well integrated.

Report faster decision making

Faster for decision making

Company decisions affect the development of the company. The speed and accuracy of the reports make it easier for companies to make the right decisions.

Visualization report

The GreatDay HR report is displayed with interesting visualization, making it easier for decision makers to read the report.

visualization reports

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