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GreatDay Kiosk

Greatdaykios goodbye fingerprint

Goodbye fingerprint! Welcome GreatDay KiosK

Many companies have left the fingerprint machine with GreatDay Kiosk. Now with more accurate system and lower prices, GreatDay Kiosk is connected to QR Code on the ID card taken with photos and equipped with face recognitions.

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New Technology with QR Code and Face Recognitions

Show the QR Code on the ID card and take a selfie, you can check in at the office.

Greatdaykios qr and face recognation
Greatdaykios saving money

Saving Money

No need to expense your budget for fingerprint machine treatment

Integrated to all branch

Monitor employee’s activity getting easier because with GreatDay, all the employee data is integrated and centralized.

Greatdaykios integrated

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More than hundreds of companies have experienced a digital HR transformation using GreatDay. Now it’s your turn!