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DataOn creates a new company and rebrands SunFish Go to GreatDay HR

Do Something Great Every Day!


12 December 2018, Jakarta, Indonesia – DataOn (PT. Indodev Niaga Internet) today announced GreatDay HR as the new brand for the mobile HR solution SunFish Go.  With the rebranding a new company has been established, PT. People Intelligence Indonesia (“PII”). PII will focus on ensuring that GreatDay HR supports the mission of improving employee engagement by helping them do something great every day.


Together with the establishment of the new brand and company, GreatDay is proud to announce the conclusion of a pre series A investment round of USD 2.5 million led by Otium Ventures, a South Korea-based early stage venture investor, with participation of other strategic investors from Indonesia and Thailand.


At launch GreatDay HR has over 120,000 users across 80 companies in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines.


“GreatDay HR is a mobile first HR solution focused on employees.  With the new brand and company we will be able to increase our focus on helping companies engage with employees and support them in getting the most out of each day.  I am confident that our new name reflects the ultimate value we bring to our clients – a Great Day,” said Gordon Enns, Founder and CEO of both DataOn and GreatDay.


GreatDay HR is currently available as a mobile employee interface for SunFish HR as well as a standalone application that can support small to mid-sized companies without an existing HR solution.  In the future GreatDay HR will provide support as a mobile tool for additional core HR solutions for other vendors.


Transforming HR and Employee Engagement


“Mobile solutions are the default way we interact with most software applications today.  However, business systems have been slow to evolve, leaving employees interacting with most business systems through antiquated technology.  With GreatDay, we started from scratch to develop HR for today’s mobile world,” added Mr. Enns.


With GreatDay, employees can easily manage their HR data, report attendance, request leave, view their payslip, file reimbursement claims and otherwise interact on HR issues.  All users receive a feed of information including requests requiring their approval, company announcements, reminders about their attendance status or their staffs’ status and internal social media postings.


In addition to standard HR interactions, GreatDay already supports employees with company directories, shared scheduling, ability to post media and follow others postings in the company amongst other features.


Mr. Enns continued, “Creating engaged employees is an ongoing challenge for many employers.  Highly engaged employees that enjoy their time at work, generally have better career prospects and add more value to their company.  With GreatDay our mission is to promote engagement. Having developed and implemented HR solutions for 20 years and drawing on insights from our experiences with over 2000 Asian companies, we know that engagement stems from communication.”


A variety of social media concepts are integrated in GreatDay to support improved communication.  Task management, activity tracking, and continuous feedback allow communication to be more structured, and data can be accumulated to form a basis for social performance management.  A new GreatDay feature has just launched to encourage employees to share something they did great each day. This posting is shared with followers, including their working group, and ‘likes’ translate to earning points which then can be used to profile the best employees and reward their contributions.  Points and gamification will support a variety of functions in future releases to encourage contribution/consumption of micro-learning content, task tracking, social media sharing and other interactions.


Building Financial Security with Benefits

Ben Ho, COO of GreatDay, said, “Surveys and meetings with our employee users tell us their most important concerns today are their financial security and career development.  With GreatDay, we are focusing on employees and helping them with these concerns. For example, we designed GreatDay benefits management to help companies of all sizes offer more benefits to their employees without incurring additional costs.  Through programs with financial partners we are able to offer employees better insurance options, lower cost loans, and more profitable investment choices.”


Financial providers are able to connect to GreatDay to automate applications for their products and better classify their offerings.  This reduces the high KYC, product sales origination costs and the frequency of rejected applications. Employees are able to link their product payments to their salary transfers, providing them lower risk.  These savings enable financial provider partners to offer better products to GreatDay users. GreatDay corporate customers aren’t required to accept any liability, share any data or perform any additional tasks when enabling these benefits.  Privacy protection remains a foremost concern; employees only share the regular data they would otherwise include in a similar product application form and employees review and approve all data they share with the financial provider.


Going forward, GreatDay is aggressively adding features and integration to support employee engagement and will be expanding rapidly to bring these concepts to employees at organizations of all sizes.  More information on GreatDay can be found by visiting



About GreatDay

GreatDay is currently based in Singapore as Publica Holding Pte. Ltd and Indonesia as PT. People Intelligence Indonesia. For more information please contact Cynthia Tirta Admadja at or visit


About DataOn

Founded at PT. Indodev Niaga Internet in 1999, DataOn’s SunFish HR solution supports over 1.2 million employees at over 2000 companies in 35 countries. For more information on DataOn please contact Andhina Wisnu Patriana at or visit

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