Tutorial to Event Scheduling on the Calendar


Open the SunFish Go App

Open the SunFish Go app > Log in if you have not already.


Open The Sidebar

Tap the 3-striped button at the top left hand corner to open the sidebar.


Open Profile Page

Press your profile photo to go to the profile page.


Open Calendar

Press the “Calendar” button.


Press The "+" Button

Press the “+” button to add a new event.


Fill Out Event Form

Complete all sections.


Select Participants

Still on the same page, you have the ability to delete participants that are not attending (marked in red), and then press “Save”.


Check Event Details

You will be redirected to the detail pageĀ of the event that you have just created, if you want to cancel it simply press the “Cancel Event” button. Congratulations, you have successfully created an event on the SunFish Go calendar.

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