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The Complete Guide to SunFish Go

SunFish Go Registration

The SunFish Go Registration process will not take more than 5 minutes to complete. Prepare a valid email address and a mobile phone number that you can immediately access at the time of registration.

Record Attendance

You can record attendance wherever you are because the SunFish Go app integrates with your smartphone’s GPS and camera apps.

Set Employee Shift Schedule

As a business owner or an HR manager of a company, you are able to create types of daily shift and weekly shift patterns straight from the SunFish Go app.

Reset Account Password

Do you want to log in but you had forgotten your SunFish Go account password? You are able to create a new password by going through the password reset process.

Request Loan

SunFish Go had partnered up with Koinworks to provide convenience for employees to request financial loan. This is an alternative to borrowing money from your workplace.

Request Leave

For sick, annual, maternity, and other types of leaves you now do not need to fill out any forms on a piece of paper or open an HR system from your laptop.

Configure Shift and Shift Pattern

Managing the different working hours of employees is no longer an issue. As an admin in a company, you are able to set shift types and shift patterns for every employee.

View Pay Slip

Your company is able to save up on employee pay slip printing cost. With SunFish Go, every employee is able to digitally access their own pay slip by using their SunFish Go account password on the go.

View Tax SPT

PPh 21 (income tax) reporting is mandatory. Notice the convenience in viewing employees’ SPT for HR admins in the palm of your hand so that you can have taxes being reported on time.

Request Attendance Correction

There is no need to send email, fill out forms on a piece of paper, or go and see the HR in person. With SunFish Go, employees have the ability to request attendance correction anywhere at any time.

Request Overtime (Coming Soon)

There is no need to fill out forms on a piece of paper for requesting overtime. Simply use the “Overtime” menu. In addition, requests can be made after the actual overtime has been performed.

Set Event Schedule on Calendar

All SunFish Go user employees have the ability to make a meeting schedule or other activities and invite participants. They will receive notification on their smartphone as soon as the invitation is sent.

View User Profile

Every SunFish Go user owns a profile page consisting of their company credentials such as, attendance list, contact number and email, career path. Other users from the same organization structure will be able to access it (depending on the authorization granted).

Process Payroll

Employee payroll will still be made by the associated bank. But all payment calculations are made through SunFish Go automatically based on data from attendance  leave, etc.

Check Attendance List

HR Admins have the ability to check employees’ attendance pictures and geolocation at the time of performing attendance recording. It is useful for attendance validation.

Set Career Path

As an added feature, career path settings enable HR to neatly keep record of and store data of both newly hired employees and those who are no longer serving in the company providing them with ease of access in the future.

Create Policy & Annoucement

Make all employees be aware of your company regulation and policy. Any new or existing ones is able to be broadcasted to all employees through SunFish Go. The “Company” menu is open enables all employees to view, but only HR Admin is able to create, delete, or edit any content.

Change Supervisor

Promote and demote any employee with ease. The organization structure can be edited using this settings feature.

Change Admin (Coming Soon)

HR Admins are able to assign other employees to have the same authority as them.

Request Claim (Coming Soon)

All employees are given the ability to request for reimbursement on the go. They can upload a picture of payment receipts and tag a geolocation to be included in the SunFish Go claim form.

Invite Your Team (Coming Soon)

HR Admin and Supervisor user roles are given the ability to add new employees to the organization structure. Expand the company infinitely using SunFish Go.

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