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Tutorial to Resetting Your Password


Open the SunFIsh Go App

Open the SunFish Go app already installed on your smartphone.


Press Forgot Password

On the SunFish Go login page menu, if you forgot your password, tap “Forgot Password” / “Forgot Password”.


Key in Details for Forgot Password

Enter “Company Name” / “Company Name” and “Email / Username” / “Email / Username”> Tap “Request Link” / “Request Link” button.


Link Has Been Sent

The link to reset the password has been sent to the email you entered earlier. Please reset the password within 30 minutes.


Press the Reset Password Button

Open your email inbox> open a message from SunFish Go> tap “Reset Password” / “Reset Password” button.


Reset Password

Create a new password by entering the desired password (at least 6 characters)> retype the new password> tap “Set New Password” / “Set New Password” button.

Congratulations! Your new password has been successfully set. Please log in with new password.

Tutorial Absen

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Tutorial Pengaturan Shift

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