Tutorial to SunFish Go Registration


Visit the SunFish Go Website

Open a browser (eg. Chrome/Firefox/Opera/Safari) on a computer > visit the SunFish Go website by typing in on the URL bar “sunfishgo.com” and press the “Enter” button.


Click The “Try Now For Free!” Button

At the homepage click the “Try Now For Free!” button.


Complete The Included Form

Fill in with a full name, mobile phone number, and email > click “Next”.


Insert SMS Validation Code

You will receive an SMS containing 5-digit verification number, insert the verification number > click “Next”.


Complete The Required Sections

Insert the name of your Company based on the tax Identity Card and your position in the company > create a password > retype at the row beneath it > read the terms and conditions > if you agree to the terms and conditions, click on the checkbox > click “Save”.


Set Shift Schedule

You will be redirected to the “Set Schedule” tab. A pop-up will appear and you can start creating a schedule by filling in the employee shift details> type desired shift name in the “Shift Name”> set start time and shift end time> select shift day by clicking the checkbox > click “Save”.


Add New Shift

The schedule you just created will be saved on this page. You can create a new schedule again, or edit or delete a saved schedule with the buttons on the right. Do not forget, you can add, edit or delete the schedule later > click “Next” when you are already satisfied with the data you have input.


Invite Team Member

If necessary, add all or part of the number of employees by clicking the “+” button according to the level in your company’s organizational structure > click “Finish” after it is satisfied with the addition of employees on the SunFish Go system. Remember, you can add or change the organizational structure later directly via smartphone in the SunFish Go app. At this point SunFish Go’s system already sends data to registered employees via email. The email contains information for the purposes of logging in SunFish Go application. The information is in the form of username, account code, and company name as previously registered.


Download SunFish Go

Now your employees have received emails from SunFish Go. Take out your smartphone> type “sunfish go” in the search bar or search. A SunFish Go page from DataOn Corporation will appear, or> on the Google Play Store when using an Android-based smartphone. When using iOS-based smartphones download in App Store> download the SunFish Go app by setting the “Install” or “Get” button. Your smartphone will instantly download and install the app> tap “open” button.


Log in to SunFish Go

Fill in with your username, password, and company name based on the details you’ve received via email. For passwords, use what you have made in the first step of registration> tap “Log in” button.


Change Password

Create a new password as illustrated above > tap “Next”.


Complete Personal Data

Fill this page with data with the requested. Make sure the data entered is correct> tap “Next”.

You have completed the registration and activation process of your Company account. Enjoy using the SunFish Go app.

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