Tutorial to Viewing Pay Slip


Open The SunFish Go App

Open the SunFish Go app already installed on your smartphone > login if you have not already done so.


Choose the Sidebar

Open sidebar by tapping on the 3-line button at the top left hand corner.


Choose Payroll on the Sidebar Menu

Tap the “Payroll” button.


Choose the “Pay Slip” Button

Tap the “Pay Slip” / “Slip Gaji” button.


Choose from the List of Pay Slip

Choose the Pay Slip you would like to open.


Key in Password

Enter your password to access the paycheck then hit “Submit” button.

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Congratulations you have successfully seen the pay slip on SunFish GO. After successfully opening the payroll details page, you can see your salary details such as the amount of income, deductions, taxes and net salary.