Tutorial to Viewing User Profiule


Open The SunFish Go App

Open the SunFish Go app > Log in if you have not yet done so.


Press The Search Button

Press the “Search” button.


Type In The Registered User

Type in the name of registered user (must already be registered) whose profile page you want to visit.


Display Of User Profile

At this stage, you are already on the profile page of the user. Press the “down-facing arrow button” to display all menus.


Telephone & Email Menu

Press the “Telephone” menu if you want to contact the user directly to the registered phone number.

Press the “Email” button if you want to send email to the user using the email account registered on your smartphone.


Chat Menu

Press the “Chat” menu if you want to start chatting with the user. This chat only works within the SunFish Go system and is not connected in any way to other chat applications. This Chat feature also has a data security system that uses encryption.


Request Menu

Press the “Request” menu if you are an HR Admin or Supervisor to the user and want to view all requests that have been submitted by the user.


Attendance Menu

Press the “Attendance”menu if you want to be redirected to the “Attendance” page that contains the user’s data. Only HR Admin and the direct Supervisor

are able to access the data.


Career Menu

Press the “Career” menu if you are an HR Admin or Supervisor to the user who wants to view, delete, or edit the career remark of the user.


Organization Chart Menu

Press the “Organizatioin Chart” menu if you want to view the user’s position (based on job title) in an interactive diagram of company organization structure.


Calendar Menu

Press the “Calendar” menu if you want to create a new event schedule or view existing ones.


Claim Menu

Press the “Claim” menu if you are an HR Admin who wants to submit claim on behalf of the user or if you are his/her Supervisor who wants to view all of their claim submissions.


Follow User Profile

Follow the user’s account if you want to receive notifications for all the new posts uploaded by the user. Remember that the user has to have approved of your request (to follow) first.


User Posts

If you have followed the user’s account, besides the user’s posts appearing on the ‘Home” page of your account, they can be viewed here (profile page of the user).


Give Comments

You can give comments on the user’s posts and/or the “heart” icon if you like the content.



Congratulations! You have successfully view and navigate on the user’s profile page.

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