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Easiest Way to Monitor Employee Attendance

People tend to be less productive when the work culture changes repeatedly. Keep an eye of employee attendance and work-shift everyday with a comprehensive attendance management system.

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Attendance Reminder Notification

No need to worry. GreatDay HR provides attendance reminder notification for all users so they can record their attendance on time before working hours start and after working hours are over. Users are free from salary deductions!

Accurate Face Recognition and Geo Tagging Location

Geo Tagging gives information about your teams' exact location. Geo Tagging work alongside with Facial Recognition system to help supervisors and leaders generate the most accurate attendance data.

Face Matching & Liveness Check

GreatDay HR eliminates attendance falsification possibility by arming their system with Face Matching and Liveness Check technology. No more hassle to monitor and captures real-time data of employee attendance, no more employee time theft!

Attendance Correction

No biggie if you forget to record your attendance! Employee can easily access their attendance list and request attendance correction in a few clicks. Supervisors will be instantly notified of any attendance correction request in their smartphones. This can help speed up the approval process.

Easy Shift Scheduling

Flexible, seamless, and hassle-free are three words that are often used to describe the experience of changing shifts with GreatDay HR. Select the shift schedule and apply it to the appropriate team members.

Online and Offline Mode Available

Employees with high mobility are used to be in the places with poor internet connection. Worry not! Employee can still record their attendance without an internet connection with offline mode.


of companies' gross profit is lost 'cause by employees' time theft.


of employers shared that tardiness and absenteeism is accounted for in performance reviews.


of workers' schedules are often changed at the last minutes.

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Frequently Asked Question

Open the app, click record attendance, confirm your attendance location point, take a selfie, and save your attendance.
Click attendance feature in the app and choose attendance list. All employee can see their attendance list. Super admins and supervisors from each division can also see the attendance list of each employee in their division.