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Removing HR Operational Roadblocks

Ensuring the smooth running of your company can be a daunting task, especially if you have many departments and employees data to manage. With GreatDay HR, all your HR administrative needs are stored in one integrated app, giving you better control.

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Task and Feedback

As more teams turn to remote work, assigning and organizing tasks manually can be a real hassle. Help employee to prioritize tasks, stay on top of current responsibilities, and prevent things from slipping through the cracks with GreatDay HR. Set deadlines, update specific situations, and track current progress can be done in one app. Keeping teams and tasks organized!

Activity Recording, An Activity Monitoring Tool

A feature that enables every supervisors or leaders to oversee their teams' activities throughout the day. Employee only needs to take a picture of what they're doing at the moment and gives an in-depth description. Helps company to achieve their goals regardless their working system.


Employees can report details of the tasks or activities they have done over a period of time. Companies can also use timesheets to find out how each employee spent their working hours, what tasks they've done, how long they've worked on certain tasks, and so on.


of employees indicates a preference towards remote work.


of employees believes that digital tools make them more productive.


of employees noted that its challenging to collaborate with co-workers these days.

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Frequently Asked Question

Teams can assign any of tasks. Just click "Task & Feedback" on your app, and you can choose "Assignee" and fill the description as clearly as possible so they understand their duties properly.
Open GreatDay HR app, scroll down until you find "Timesheet" on "Others" menu, and tap "Add Activity". Employee can fill the required information and click "Save" right away.