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Leading HR Effective Change

Apart from increasing HR productivity by simplifying and automating repetitive tasks, companies can focus on higher goals. Let's advance HR capability and flexibility!

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HR Challenges

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Data Lacking to Perform HR Duties

Data plays a crucial role in helping HR to make important business decisions. Yet, bringing together data from different places has become the root of the problem that HR often has to overcome. Many activities end up being delayed because sometimes, data is also taken from HR departments venturing outside their companies.

Complicated and Time-Consuming Payroll Process

There are many reasons why payroll processing has always been considered as one of the most troublesome HR activities. Always miscalculating because the number of new hires and departures has significantly increased, and those many components that are calculated at the same time (loans, claims, reimburse, benefits, rewards, etc.). Not to mention on how to track employee working hours, ever-changing tax regulations, and so on. Nevertheless, payroll is essential to create a well-functioning business. Late salary payment is a big no.

Managing Employee in Post-Pandemic Era

As we move towards the post-pandemic era and its challenges, HR needs to prioritize initiative that strengthens their organization's ability to drive change in employee performance. There are ways to measure employee performance in today's hybrid workplace. Although it's tricky, make sure you find the right tools!

Integrated HR System with Analytic Reports

GreatDay HR empowers HR to be prepared for data-driven culture. Our system is fully integrated and instantly updated. All employee data related to attendance (including leave and overtime), payroll, and all the other data is integrated to all corresponding functions in the app. In addition, all data can be downloaded into a report. GreatDay HR also has HR Dashboard which provides insights related to employees, attendance, and payroll. We are making it easier for HR to make valuable decisions for the company.

by GreatDay HR

Eliminate Payroll Inefficiencies

An automated and cloud-based payroll management system can effectively help companies remove payroll hurdles. Enables you to create multiple payroll periods, customizeable salary components for each payment cycles, multiple cost center or multiple tax locations, and automatically generate payslip through mobile app (no more paperwork wasted!). Our payroll system is also fully-integrated with all the attendance data that has been stored securely in the cloud. No need to suffer collecting administrative data manually.

by GreatDay HR

Comprehensive Performance Management System

For an effective employee performance, organization needs to measure it by evaluating their work outcomes regularly. Performance feature by GreatDay HR helps you set Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and monitor the progress. The KPI can be assigned for one employee, or one department. GreatDay HR also provides various metrics to measure performance. For a daily monitoring, Activity Recording feature by GreatDay HR can be a smart choice. It enables you to keep an eye of employee activities and their location real-time, while they're working away. By enhancing the employee overall performance, HR can make sure the organization is living its purpose and values. Achieve company milestones with GreatDay HR!

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of workers will leave the job after experiencing just two problems with their paychecks.


of organizations said that performance management is a vital system for growth.


of payroll officers noted widespread payroll data issues.

by GreatDay HR
HR Manager at PT. Darya Harja Sentosa

"GreatDay HR is our company's long-term investment that brings significant changes in our HR management, especially in all attendance processes. Previously, we found it difficult to recap attendance and many employees came to work late. However, GreatDay HR's attendance feature has helped us a lot. Now, we no longer worry, because attendance recap is integrated into one application and can be easily accessed. Besides, employees now come to work on time."