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Increase Employee Engagement by Strengthening Internal Communication

Highly engaged teams are proven to be more profitable than disengaged one. Although an engaged workplace requires an strategic and consistent moves, here are some reasons why GreatDay HR is one of the smartest investment for your company.

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Strong Communication with Chat Feature

Open and dynamic employee communication is essential for maintaining collaboration. GreatDay HR is equipped with chat feature that make it easier for all fellow employees to communicate about work-related matters. It also contains a file-sharing menu that allows employee to share files with each other. It's fully encrypted and secure! Communication feel much more seamless and easy.

Highly Engaged with Social Feeds Feature

The digital age allows everyone to share their stories. GreatDay HR also authorizes all employees to share their personal or team activities, improvements, and achievements with their fellow colleagues in the social feed feature. All posts are visible to all employees!

Effortlessly Notified the Company with Announcement Feature

Make any company-wide announcement wih a few clicks! Announce the latest news, accomplishments, informations, or policies with GreatDay HR's announcement feature. No need to worry about missing information, our mobile app will instantly send notifications for every announcement posted.

Seek Opinions with Polling and Survey Feature

Being able to see other employee reaction to any upcoming changes in strategy, production planning, or new initiatives is such a relief. Company can reach an agreement and determine matters that require additional attention before its deadline.


of executives say that employee engagement is critical to their company's success.


of employees are not engaged with their workplace.


of employees does not know about their company's update and not involved in any company's decisions.

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Frequently Asked Question

Employee can upload any type of posts into GreatDay HR Social Feed. Ranging from how you are right now, current company status, or your future accomplishments.
Certainly. You can modify employee survey to suit your company needs. Whether it's a survey for health, working style, etc.