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Better HR Performance for A Faster Growth

The financial sector plays an important role in the functioning of a dynamic economy. Breaking down all HR barriers gives companies the ability to deliver maximum performance. Invest in a smart HR system!

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HR Challenges in Financial Industry

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Difficult to Track Employee Attendance Location

Since every company in financial industry has to assign some of their employee to different locations in a day, it can be very challenging for them to track all employee attendance locations. HR needs to have a system that will give them complete oversight of the location – from who's clocking in and where, who's running late, and so on.

Tiresome Administrative Tasks

Before the pandemic, the financial industry were in the midst of digital transformation. With the transformation to undergo, HR still had to face huge challenges in employee-related administrative tasks. On top of that, most of them have multiple branches that also employ a lot of workers. That's why collecting, organizing, and maintaining a large workforce database can sometimes be overwhelming.

Complicated Deduction Calculation Related to the Company's Loan

With a process as complex as payroll, there are numerous ways where an organization can make mistakes. Not to mention that companies must have many categories of earnings and deductions - one of which is the company's fixed loan that can be used by every employee.

Evaluate Employees' Target and Performance

Essentially, measuring performance and productivity giving you insight to identify areas where your business is lacking. But, in financial industry, there are a lot of different metrics we need to track whether our business is running well or running the other way. How do we measure it, then?

The Most Compatible Attendance System

Not only eliminating false attendance data, GreatDay HR only records the location of employees in real-time. This accurate data is also directly integrated with the system and can be used for payroll. Employee attendance location data will be recorded and stored properly in the cloud system.

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Removing HR Administrative Tasks Roadblocks

Leave the tiresome administrative work to GreatDay HR. Maintain employee records, update database, attendance reports, assist with payroll by providing relevant employee information, and so on. Use GreatDay HR and allocate your time to map out significant growth of your company!

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Manage Loan and Payroll with No Hassle

No need to worry about managing payroll and loans provided by the company. GreatDay HR can handle it all with Loan Feature! Employee just need to apply for a loan by approval and the loan will be deducted automatically during payroll. The company can also manage the loan balance or loan limit given!

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Rate Employee Productivity with Performance Feature

The best way for all HR and supervisors to track how well their team is performing is to carefully set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each member. HR can set KPIs and monitor the progress of employee performance achievement or decline. Not only that, monitoring can also be done via mobile phone with a convenient approval system.

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of financial services companies had at least 60 percent of their employees working from home once a week or more.


of HR managers agreed that better integration of HR data is always a top priority.


HR in financial service companies say employee is their main focus.

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Rizki Fatimah
HR Recruitment at Auto Kencana Group

"We can easily verify employee's attendance location with Geo-Tagging. Attendance database can also be used immediately for payroll process. We're also highly satisfied with the service and support from GreatDay HR team."