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Run a Successful HR in Healthcare Industry

Human resource management is greatly needed in healthcare industry. It extends far beyond hiring and firing process. A better HR management will definitely improve overall patient health outcomes and healthcare service delivery.

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HR Challenges in Healthcare Industry

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Difficulty in Recording On-Call and Holiday Call for Extra Allowances

In healthcare industry, especially in hospitals, we are familiar with the term "on-call doctor". It may be working outside of normal shifts, assisting seniors unexpectedly, being available near the hospital on holidays, and so on. This affects the calculation of the extra allowance that will be given to health workers. And as you might expect, this is one of the biggest hurdles for payroll officers in the industry.

Limitation to Monitor Health Workers' Shift

Health worker plays a vital role in healthcare industry. Since healthcare has to be available at all times, healthcare workers often work nontraditional schedules. This creates limitations for HR to monitor health workers' schedules on a daily basis.

Wage Competition

Similar to other industries, there's always a wage competition in healthcare industry in order to attract the most valuable talent. Especially, due to the fact that this field requires highly skilled workers. Essentially, there are plenty of ways to attract the best candidates. We provide one-stop solution for all your problems!

On-Duty Feature with Approval System

In fact, employee dedication during off-hours will affect the salary calculations. Companies need to know the valid data related to employee work activities outside of working hours or on holidays. GreatDay HR provides On-Duty Feature that can make it easier for employee to apply permission to be on duty with an approval system. So that supervisors and HR can be informed regarding employee activities outside working hours. In addition, GreatDay HR also completed with an Activity Recording feature that can monitor the exact location and photos of employee activities.

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Seamless and Easy Shift Scheduling

Shift regulation in various industries must be different. No need to worry! Because GreatDay HR provides a shift schedule feature to fulfill any industries necessities. HR or supervisors/managers can change team member shifts via mobile phone and employee shifts will be automatically updated.

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Employee Benefits to Win Highly Skilled Workers

Benefits are company's most valuable tool to win the highly skilled workers. Meet Benefits by GreatDay HR! Benefits is a financial wellness program in form of Earned Wage Access (EWA). This feature allows workers to withdraw their salaries before payday. This program is not a loan, but surely can replace the loan system in your company. Benefits also automatically integrated with GreatDay HR system. No more manual input in employee calculation!

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of employees stated that salary transparency is an important issue.


of employees in healthcare industry are overwhelming with their work schedules.


of employees excpected a company that helps them to create a better financial future.

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Fitri Awaliyah Mardiani
HR Development Supervisor at PT Standar Biosensor Indonesia

"Before using GreatDay HR, we used tax consultant to help with PPh21 calculation. However, now that we're using GreatDay HR, we no longer need for tax consultant. With its complete features and good after sales, GreatDay has tremendously helped our works."