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HR Challenges in Construction & Property Industry

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Different Payroll Components for Each Project

Construction industry are mostly based on project. As an HR, we have the responsibilities to ensure we pay them according to their working hours, project period, compensation, regulations, and other components for each project.

Multifaceted Projects and Workforces

Construction and property industry requires a job position diversity in multiple locations and projects. These complex demands make HR plays a critical role in finding workforces. Yet, the workforces also change as project progress and different skills and experience are required. Already sounds exhausting, right?

Workers' Shift Scheduling Management

Night shifts are often used in construction projects to accelerate schedules despite its negative impacts on construction cost and productivity. Work schedule can be a boomerang for the company if it's not well-organized. That's why paying attention to their shift schedule is a must.

Labor Time Theft

Businesses can lose a big amount of money every year from employees time theft. Time theft does not merely occur to any specific industries, but to a very large number of employees or labors in construction and property companies? It surely can cost a lot.

Employee Financial Wellness Program

Many construction and property companies (well, not only them) are taking steps to tighten their budgets and working hard to cut costs in post-pandemic era. Meanwhile, today's workers are looking for a meaningful and valuable benefit packages. The thing is, is that possible to increase employee benefits without increasing costs?

Flexible Payroll Component Setup

GreaDay HR makes it easy to customize the payroll components that are applied in the company. Differences in position, project, status, working hours, and so on refer to the different components of payroll. That's why GreatDay HR provides various payroll components to help companies manage a proper payroll cycle.

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Simple Payroll Period Settings

As a company in the construction and property industry, payroll regulations may also vary from project to project. The payroll module in GreatDay HR system can help companies process salaries with different periods. The payroll team can set the payroll cycle and adjust it to the needs of the existing project category. So that the payroll process will be set up for the type of payroll based on the project being run.

by GreatDay HR

Easy-Breezy Labors' Shift Schedule Management

Set up your laborers' shift schedules by using the Employee Shift Upload feature. This feature is located in the Time & Attendance module in GreatDay HR. HR can easily change employee work shifts through their mobile phone! GreatDay HR also has a Request Shift Schedule feature that allows employees to submit work shift changes with an approval system. Monitor employee shift requests anywhere!

by GreatDay HR

The Ultimate Best Time Attendance Feature

Determine the location and maximum radius for employees to record their attendance. With this, employees can only take attendance at the specified location and range. GreatDay HR's Attendance feature also comes with face matching and liveness check. We eliminate attendance falsification possibility.

by GreatDay HR

Employee Financial Wellness with Benefits by GreatDay HR

Benefits are company's most valuable tool to prevent a high turnover. Meet Benefits by GreatDay HR! Benefits is a financial wellness program in form of Earned Wage Access (EWA). This feature allows workers to withdraw their salaries before payday.This program is not a loan, but surely can replace the loan system in your company. Benefits also automatically integrated with GreatDay HR system. No more manual input in employee calculation!

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of constructions employers are having a hard time finding the skilled workers.


of workers looking for a new job with competitive benefits.


of companies' gross profit is lost 'cause by employees' time theft.

by GreatDay HR
Roland Poehlmann
Manager Director at PT Hafele Indonesia

"With GreatDay HR, we have a mobile system which allows much more flexibility as well as transparency due to the location tracking. GreatDay HR is a very good solution which very user-friendly because its operated with mobile phone."