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Feature | Leave & Overtime

Easy and Seamless Approval Workflow

Manual leave and overtime request forms with complicated approval process can cause administrative headaches. With GreatDay HR, employees can make leave and overtime requests in just a few clicks! Now all approval processes will be done faster and straightforward.

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Customized Leave Types

Each company has a policy regarding the type of leave that is applied. Aware of this, GreatDay HR enables the superadmin to easily customizes and adds any type of leave the company has to offers. Superadmin can set the balance, whether it will be applied for all employee or not, and also the request validation.

Streamlined and Flexible Approval Process

With automated system, all requests will be sent to the respective employee's supervisor, waiting for approval. There will be a notification in their GreatDay HR account, so they can quickly approve or disapprove the request.

Access Leave & Overtime History, Anytime

Employee can easily view both past and current leave requests, as well as overtime requests right in their app. This enables them to keep track on how many leave they have taken, how many remaining balance, how many overtime hours they've contributed, and their request current status.

Integrated with Payroll System

GreatDay HR's smart system will automatically calculate all overtime earnings and leave deductions. Approving leave and overtime requests are no longer a burden. All earnings and deductions will also be detailed on payslip. Quite a relief, isn't it?


of workers in Indonesia take all of their annual leave.


of HR time spent on repetitive and manual tasks.


of HR leaders says their system does not integrate leave and overtime data into payroll.

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Frequently Asked Question

Leave and overtime requests are submitted online through the app, and you can monitor the status of the requests. Company doesn't need to waste paper for these requests.
Approving or disapproving leave and overtime requests can be done directly in the GreatDay HR app, which can be done through the Admin's smartphone.