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Enhancing 'The Largest Provider of Employment' Industry Productivity

Being one of the most rapidly evolving workplace, manufacturing industry unsurprisingly face some serious HR challenges. Take a look how GreatDay HR support companies in manufacturing industry.

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HR Challenges in Manufacturing Industry

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Labors' Shift Scheduling Management

Labors or workers still the most core vital for manufacturing operations. Paying attention to schedule their shift is a must. Don't forget about on-call shifts, make sure that there are employees who is available to work on demand. Great shift planning can reduced labor costs and increased productivity.

Payroll Roadblocks

High number of employees that is divided into many different of classifications, creating multiple pay cycles. As if that weren't complex enough, HR in manufacturing industry has to deal with irregular shift patterns and working hours to calculate salaries correctly.

Dealing with Employee Loans and Claims

It comes as no surprise that all companies want to lightens their employees' financial burden. We also can't close our eyes to the fact that manufacturing industry has some of the highest injury rates that cause lot of claim requests. These financial issues might complicating workplace dynamics.

Employee Can't Use Mobile Attendance System

Almost all companies in manufacturing industry are rules-driven and they consistently applying those rules. Not bringing mobile smartphones is one of those rules. Then how to track all employee attendance, then? Not to mention the differences of their shift patterns which also need to be tracked.

Easy-Breezy Labors' Shift Schedule Management

Set up your laborers' shift schedules by using the Employee Shift Upload feature. This feature is located in the Time & Attendance module in GreatDay HR. HR can easily change employee work shifts through their mobile phone! GreatDay HR also has a Request Shift Schedule feature that allows employees to submit work shift changes with an approval system. Monitor employee shift requests anywhere!

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A Higher Payroll Solution

Customize each payment cycle by creating payroll components and pay period requirements. Adjust different pay cycles with all of the earnings and deductions with GreatDay HR! HR can do further consultation with GreatDay HR team regarding payroll type regulations and processes.

by GreatDay HR

Employee Financial Wellness Made Easy

Meet Benefits by GreatDay HR! Benefits is an Earned Wage Access (EWA) program that allows workers to withdraw their salaries before payday.This program is not a loan, but surely can replace the loan system in your company. Benefits also automatically integrated with GreatDay HR system. No more manual input in employee calculation!

by GreatDay HR

Intelligent Touchless Attendance

Not only fingerprint-based and mobile-based attendance that we offer. We provide an intelligent temperature checking system which also an attendance system. It equipped with body temperature measurement, face recognition, and mask checker technology which very suitable for goods-producing industry like manufacturing. Don't worry! This attendance system also integrated with GreatDay app. All data will be stored securely.

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of the total workforces in Indonesia are employed by the manufacturing sector.


of the total labors in manufaturing companies mostly are on contracts.


of manufacturers surveyed believe that there is a skill shortage.

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Marcella Bunga
HR Manager at Carvil Groups

"GreatDay HR is full package. They can manage employee's data, facilitate communication between HR department and employees, help with recruitment candidate selection, and monitor attendance. Decision making process is easier and faster now."