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Companies in retail and F&B industry are commonly facing an intense competition. Plus, a set of unprecedented challenges emerged in pandemic and post-pandemic era. As such, the challenges facing HR teams are even more complicated.

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HR Challenges in Retail and F&B Industry

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Complex Tax Calculations

In retail and F&B industry, there are many taxes which commonly imposed on customers. Service tax, PB1 tax, and other taxes that will be included in the calculation. All the regulation are also depends on state and local tax laws. Since taxes related to the law and the state, although it's complicated, it must be calculated properly.

Shift Scheduling on Seasonal Demand

Every business has its busy season and slow season throughout the year. How to create the perfect seasonal schedule, especially for the busy one, to keep our business running smoothly? Don't let the busy season harm your business and create a long-lasting injury!

Measuring Employee Performance and Productivity

Essentially, measuring performance and productivity giving you insight to identify areas where your business is lacking. But, in retail and F&B industry, there are a lot of different metrics we need to track whether our business is running well or running the other way. How do we measure it, then?

Managing Employee Data Across Different Branches or Outlets

How we manage employee data impacts the efficiency of our HR function and the effectiveness of our employee management activities. But again, keeping it all together when you have people in multiple locations is not an easy feat!

Upload and Calculate Tax with Ease

Make tax as one of the payroll components that will be calculated automatically. GreatDay HR also accomodates the tax upload system with templates provided. All tax will be calculated properly with GreatDay HR! All covered.

by GreatDay HR

Give SPV/Manager Control over Shift Changes

Changing shifts no longer needs to go directly through HR. With GreatDay HR, supervisors and managers can also change their team members' shifts flexibly. GreatDay HR also provides reports and history of all employee shift schedules. In addition, GreatDay HR enables supervisors and managers to upload employee shift schedules to the app directly.

by GreatDay HR

Rate Employee Productivity with Performance Feature

The best way for owners or managers to track how well their business is performing is to carefully set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each employee. HR can set KPIs and monitor the progress of employee performance achievement or decline. Not only that, monitoring can also be done via mobile phone with a convenient approval system.

by GreatDay HR

Comprehensive Employee Career and Data Management

Make it easy for HR to manage employees in various branches or outlets with the career management module. Move employees to different work locations or rolling workplaces using the upload system in this module. Work location change history can be saved and viewed repeatedly.

by GreatDay HR


of restaurant operators name staffing as a top challenge to success.


of restaurateurs agree that restaurant technology improves their business efficiency.


of retail staffs are saying that they're mostly overwhelmed in peak/busy seasons.

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