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Evolving Corporate Culture to Increase Employee Productivity

Reduce administrative costs by digitalizing several business processes. Not only provides a better HR-related functions, but GreatDay HR also enables company to create a better employee self-service experience.

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Employee Challenges

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Difficulty in Monitoring Request Submissions

Employees certainly have the right to apply for leave, overtime, claims, reimbursements, and so on. It is not infrequent that they also submit it all of sudden. And most of the time, they expect a quick response. In the meanwhile, if the company still applies a paper-based request submission system, employees cannot monitor the progress of their submission.

Manual Payslip Distribution

Payslip is an official and essential proof of employement. It shows employee's nett earnings, taxes, and deductions within a given pay period. Payslips are generally distributed in the form of hard copy (print out) or published through online portals.

Reporting Daily Activity

Many companies from different industries now are applying hybrid working. Both employees and employers are struggling in this particular case. Reporting activities helps you stay in the loop, keep leaders and supervisors informed about the whole team progress.

Queuing Due to Manual Attendance Record

A large number of companies still uses paper time cards or manual spreadsheets to record their employee attendance just because they're easy and simple to use. But let's see further into the disadvantages of manual attendance; employee time theft, paper wasted, prone to be scattered, risk of human error, difficult to track, and so on.

Easy and Seamless Request Process

Digitize the way requests are submitted with GreatDay HR! Submit leave, overtime, claims, reimbursement, even some forms of financial benefits easily. Employees can monitor the status of their request submission directly in the app because the moment they submit a request, supervisors and HR admin will be notified immediately. Enhance a better employee experience with GreatDay HR!

by GreatDay HR

Automated E-Payslip, Secure and Flexible

GreatDay HR automatically generates e-payslip every month before the paycheck. All employees can also securely access their payslip by entering their personalized password. No more scattered and lost payslips!

by GreatDay HR

Employee Daily Activity Monitoring Made Easy

Oversee employee daily activities by reviewing their activity records. Team only needs to take a picture of what they are doing, combined with a simple description, and our Activity Recording feature will give employers the complete understanding about their employee daily tasks. This feature is very useful for hybrid workforces. Supervisors or managers can decide how many daily activity recording mobile employees need to fulfill. Don't worry, this monitoring activity can also be done on your mobile app!

by GreatDay HR

Fraud-free Guarantee Attendance System

Save your employee's time by being adaptable and investing in HRIS software. Employee only needs to record their attendance with a selfie, in a radius location that have been determined according to company regulations. GreatDay HR instantly stores each employee's attendance data in a secure cloud system. HR can use the data to process payroll at any time. Attendance system by GreatDay HR comes with attendance reminder notification, face matching, geo tagging, and liveness check that make it proven in reducing employee's tardiness.

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of employees are frustrated by the delayed reimbursement process of their companies.


of companies' gross profit is lost caused by employees' time theft.


of employees believes that digital tools make them more productive.

by GreatDay HR
Astrid Nurani
Employee Relations Specialist at WWF

"GreatDay HR has made leave & overtime administration easier. Employee attendance mechanism is greatly supported with Geo-Tagging technology. Therefore, we can easily monitor employee attendance and leave as admins. Moreover, their Offline Mode feature can help employees from remote area. So, employees can record their attendance even with network problem."