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Helping Business Conquer Their Post-pandemic Flexible Work Culture

Any work systems are no longer a problem. Monitor employee attendance, activity, and performance anywhere, anytime. Increase payroll process' efficiency right in the same app. End other HR management problems with GreatDay HR.

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Company Profile and Policy

All company profiles will be stored on our cloud system as well. If anything, employee can take a look at the organization structure right in the app. Moreover, employee can also see company policies that can be useful for a guideline that contains employee accountability, health, and safety.

Employee Personal Data

With GreatDay HR, employee profile contains all informations about the employee. Ranging from their positions to their achievements. GreatDay HR also enables employee to change their profile through the app. Employee birthdays, contract periods, and important announcements from employee will be automatically organized into an event and scheduled directly in employee database as a reminder. GreatDay HR also stores all employee request report, career report, head count report, and so on.


of global businesses performed big data processing in the cloud.


of companies see cloud system as a vital aspect.


of database breaches involved threats within an organization.

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