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Touchless Attendance with Smart Face Recognition System

In some goods-producing sites, mobile phones are prohibited. Now, employees or labors doesn't need to use their mobile smartphone for attendance record!

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Record Attendance with No Smartphone Needed

GreatDay Kiosk is a feature designed to record employee attendance without contact. GreatDay Kiosk works by connecting a device with GreatDay HR app. Employee just need to scan their ID (if there is any) and their face, then their attendance has been recorded.

Integrated to GreatDay HR System

No worries! GreatDay Kiosk is definitely fully-integrated to GreatDay HR system. The attendance data will be stored in the system and ready to be processed for payroll anytime.

Smart Face Recognition Technology

Reinforce contactless attendance by detecting employee's face. It automatically identifies and confirms a person's face and records their attendance based on their facial features. Recording employee attendance has become simpler than ever!


of countries use facial recognition system to reduce Covid-19 transmission.


of Americans say facial recognition attendance system can make workplace safer.


of adults believe that facial recognition technology is effective in identifying individual accurately.

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Frequently Asked Question

ITCS is suitable for all types of company. Especially for companies that are trying to meet the applicable health protocols, as it comes with temperature measurement and mask checking. While GreatDay Kiosk, mostly used by company that needs operational efficiency (companies with warehouse, factory, and etc.), comes with face recognition sistem and accurate time records.