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Embrace Logistic Industry Complexities Through Automation

Becoming one of the primary needs in the market after the emergence of e-commerce era, logistic companies must stay at the bleeding edge and remain competitive. Let's see how GreatDay HR help you to evolve broadly!

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HR Challenges in Logistic Industry

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Staffing Shortages

As the demand for e-commerce goods shows an unprecedented growth, logistic companies have been extremely hard hit with staffing shortage issue. Moreover, this issue has directly impacted the shipping delays. HR managers were forced to improve recruitment strategies.

Competitive Benefit Packages

Many logistic companies (well, not only them) are taking steps to tighten their budgets and working hard to cut costs in post-pandemic era. Meanwhile, today's workers are looking for a meaningful and valuable benefit packages. The thing is, is that possible to increase employee benefits without increasing costs?

Carriers and Freight Forwarder Tracking

Tracking freight forwarder is an important issue for all logistic companies. Not only tracking the whole shipment process, but company needs to ascertain whether their freight forwarders is doing the job properly. This may be one of the challenges facing HR in logistic industry.

Multiple and Scattered Branches

This is the most common challenge when it comes to a service-based business. Keeping it all together and working smoothly at the same time when you have people in multiple locations is not an easy feat, especially in terms of payroll. Oops!

Inadequate Training of Workers

Time-consuming administrative tasks are usually the main reason why HR in logistics industry doesn't have time to provide an adequate training. With an inadequate training, workers may not be aware of company goals. HR needs to ensure all workers are provided with skills that correspond with company goals and align with their personal growth.

Find the Best Candidates with Recruitment Feature

No more struggling to find prospective workers offline. HR can create job vacancies and qualify candidates online on the same app, GreatDay HR. From monitoring the process of applying to hiring job candidates, end-to-end. Don't be afraid of scattered CV documents, the documents will be saved automatically by the system and can be checked repeatedly. Increase company productivity by increasing the number of employees using the recruitment feature.

by GreatDay HR

Prioritizing Employee Financial Wellness

Meet Benefits by GreatDay HR! Benefits is an Earned Wage Access (EWA) program that allows workers to withdraw their salaries before payday.This program is not a loan, but surely can replace the loan system in your company. Proven to be a competitive selling point to win your top talents! Benefits is also automatically integrated with GreatDay HR system. No more manual input in employee calculation!

by GreatDay HR

Monitor Mobile Workers with Tracking & Activity Recording

GreatDay HR has a solution for communication limitations in providing and receiving information with mobile employees. Use the Tracking feature that relies on mobile GPS. HR can monitor employee location points from the first process of delivering goods to the destination. HR can also use the Activity Recording feature, where employees can document their work activities (delivering goods) in the form of photos. The location point will also be detected!

by GreatDay HR

Removing Multiple Branch Challenges with Multibank Salary

Allocate sources of funds using Multibank Salary. Payroll team does not need to be worried to transfer employee salaries to only one bank. With multibank salary, payroll team can transfer salaries to more than one bank, even banks that are different from the bank used by the company.

by GreatDay HR

Removing HR Administrative Tasks Roadblocks

Leave the tiresome administrative work to GreatDay HR. Maintain employee records, update database, attendance reports, assist with payroll by providing relevant employee information, and so on. Use GreatDay HR and allocate your time to map out significant growth of your company!

by GreatDay HR


of logistic workers consider training is very important.


of workers in this sector say that their mental health has worsened over the past 12 months due to various factors.


of customers reporting they've experienced a bad delivery service.

by GreatDay HR
Ari Prasetyo
Assistant HR Manager at EZ Parking

"Payroll process is faster now, whereas previously, it took 8 days. Attendance, Leave, and Overtime features also greatly help us in monitoring employees. HR administration is significantly better with GreatDay HR"