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Fitur | Daily Activity

Monitor Employee Activity and Performance

Employees' daily activities illustrate their productivity and work priorities. Monitor employee activity and performance by checking their Daily Activity anytime. Employees will report their activities while working remotely by simply taking a picture of what they are doing.

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Geo Tagging for Actual Time and Location

The Geo Tagging feature complements the employee's daily activity recording feature by ensuring the accuracy of location and time data. With accurate location and time data, employers can ensure that activities are carried out according to company expectation even if employees are working remotely.

Easy to Adjust to Employee Shift Schedule

Every company must adapt to dynamic changes such as workplaces, work systems, and so on. To support this, GreatDay HR allows the Daily Activity feature to be customized according to each employee's shift schedule!

Complete Report with Visuals and Captions

Employees record their activities by taking pictures of the work they are doing. Employees are also required to provide descriptions according to their activities. Activity reports become more comprehensive and reliable.

Offline and Online Modes Available

The Activity Record feature can be used when the user's smartphone is not connected to the internet. That way, employees who are working remotely can record and report their activities without any problems. Activity recordings will be sent directly to the supervisor in an instant.

Adjustable Activity Type

The type of activity to be selected by the employees and the dialogue box as a reporting detail when recording their activities can be adjusted according to the needs of each division. Thus, each activity record report is accompanied by the necessary detailed information.


of employees show a preference for remote working.


of employees believe that digital tools make them more productive.


of companies are not finding effective ways to monitor their employees.

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Pertanyaan yang Sering Diajukan

Open GreatDay HR 8 app, scroll and find 'Favorite Menu', select 'Daily Activity'. Click the '+' icon on the bottom right and start recording your activities.
For companies, recording employees' activities can review their productivity in helping the company grow. As for employees, activity records can be proof that you are doing your responsibilities well despite working remotely.
Yes. As mentioned, the Daily Activity feature can be utilized by companies that have many employees with mobile and remote work systems.