Salary Disbursement, Made Easy

Compensate your employees fairly with none of the hassles with GreatDay HR! Our multibank salary payment enables your company to disburse employee salary through multiple banks, complete with settings to determine the percentage of salary to each bank.

No Hidden Cost

Free of hidden costs, experience extra savings in various administration and transfer fees with GreatDay HR!

Connected to Multiple Local and Foreign Banks

Thanks to partnerships with several local and foreign banks, your employees can easily receive their salary, regardless of the country of origin of their bank accounts.

One Employee - Multiple Bank Account

Normally, employees within a company are paid through a single bank and they’d have to pay administration fees to distribute their salary to other banks. With GreatDay HR, a single employee can connect several bank accounts, which helps them manage their financial matters better than ever.

Flexible Salary Distribution

GreatDay HR enables your employees to determine to split their salary into multiple bank accounts and determine how much is disbursed into each account. This setting, along with the connection to local and foreign banks brings unparalleled flexibility in salary disbursement.

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