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Outsource provides solutions for dynamic and fast moving businesses. Its growth has created both strategic and operative challenges in all HR functions. Grow faster and better by leveraging HR system!

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HR Challenges in Outsourcing Industry

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High Turnover Rate

Excessive talent loss can cause a crucial damage and negatively affect your business. Lack of resources to identify what matters in hiring period is the main reason why company experienced a high turnover rate. Simply stated, they've hired the wrong manpower.

Burdensome Workforce Administrations

Outsource company has many database of their workforce. In addition, most of them have several branches that also employ many workers. That's why collecting, organizing, and retaining a very large workforce database can be overwhelming at times.

Tracking Workforces' Activities and Performances

Manual activity and performance tracking can be a real bottleneck, especially in the outsourcing industry. The unexpected surges and dips during the post-pandemic period were also highlighted as the biggest challenge. Companies need to keep an eye on their outsourced employees' performance.

Patrol Officers Equipment

Indonesia has many outsourcing companies in guard services industry. Ensuring the safety of the company and its assets being one of workers' tiresome resposibilities. Oh and, manual recording of company assets or inventories is a huge waste of paper!

Competitive Employee Benefit

Many outsourcing companies (well, not only them) are taking steps to tighten their budgets and working hard to cut costs in post-pandemic era. Meanwhile, today's workers are looking for a meaningful and valuable benefit packages. The thing is, is it possible to increase employee benefits without increasing costs?

Enhance the Quality of the Recruitment Process

Choose a workforce that suits your company's needs. GreatDay HR's Recruitment feature allows HR to select candidates with competent qualifications. HR can also filtering candidate by their location, education, or even their status (reviewing process to hiring).

by GreatDay HR

Generate Employee Data and Reports as Needed. Anytime, Anywhere!

No matter how much employee administration data in a company, simplify it with GreatDay HR! HR can easily download employee data or reports into several document formats such as csv or pdf. HR can also preview it before downloading. This will accelerate the overall HR performance!

by GreatDay HR

Set the Targets and Simply Monitor the Performance

It's time for companies to monitor employee performance regularly, whether they meet the targets set each period or not. Performance appraisals can be a benchmark for companies in providing feedback for employees. This will help companies to see each employee's performance and find solutions to improve their productivity.

by GreatDay HR

Monitor Office Assets with No Hassle

GreatDay HR provides a Patrol & Tracking feature that allows patrol officers to report office assets and room photos on a daily or monthly basis. Patrol officers only need to scan the barcode and report. No need to use paper forms to write down assets in the office area.

by GreatDay HR

Prioritizing Employee Financial Wellness

Meet Benefits by GreatDay HR! Benefits is an Earned Wage Access (EWA) program that allows workers to withdraw their salaries before payday.This program is not a loan, but surely can replace the loan system in your company. Proven to be a competitive selling point to win your top talents! Benefits also automatically integrated with GreatDay HR system. No more manual input in employee calculation!

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of companies need to outsource to cut costs and increase their efficiency.


of turnovers are due to bad hiring decisions.


of companies have adopted cloud services to optimize outsourcing.

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Mahsun Sodiq
Head of Operational Division at PT Prima Karya Sarana Sejatera

"For companies that directs and provides human resources like us, monitoring attendance and employee activities is a very important thing. Since using GreatDay HR, those tasks have become very easy to do. Repetitive HR administration is also more effective now!"